Refurbished Tonopen XL
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AB-Scan + UBM + Pachymeter

  • A-Scan probe connection
  • B-Scan probe connection
  • UBM probe connection
  • Pachymeter probe connection
  • Weight: 7 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 15”W x 2”D x 11”H
  • Touch screen
  • Integrated DICOMSM worklist modality
  • External connections HDMI and ethernet
  • 5 USB ports

A-Scan Module

The A-Scan probe is 0.08 ounces with a length of 1.75” and width of 0.2”. It has an electronic resolution of 0.016mm, a clinical Accuracy of 0.1mm and 10MHz frequency. It can run in immersion or contact measurement mode.

B-Scan Module

The B-Scan probe weighs 6 ounces and is 7" long by 1.25" wide. It has an axial resolution of 0.015mm and lateral resolution of 
0.085 mm. It can run at 12 or 15MHz.

UBM Module

The UBM probe weighs just 6 ounces and measures 7" in length and 1.25" in diameter. It has an axial resolution of 0.015mm, a lateral resolution of 0.05mm and runs at 48MHz. It has guarded and unguarded options available.

Pachymeter Module

The Pachymeter probe weighs 0.67 ounces, is 1.75" long x 0.2" wide, with an accuracy of ±5μ and a sample Rate of 65MHz. Measurement range is 300-999μ, and it has automated IOP adjustment.

Accutome A&B Scan + UBM + Pachymeter














B- Scan

B- Scan







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Refurbished Tonopen
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