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Autorefractor Keratometer
Shin Nippon Accuref-K 9003D

shin nippon 9003d

The latest equipment from Shin Nippon: The Autorefractor Keratometer Shin Nippon Accuref-K 9003D is a "A Human approach to design and comfort"

Full Automatic and Manual Hybrid concept.

Full Auto / Manual-Hybrid Alignment
High dimensional integration of manual operation based under ergonomic designing and high accuracy Automatic 3D auto alignment. Faster operation speed that surpasses full automatic type.Shin Nippon Accuref-K monitor



7.5 inch TFT monitor
Bigger , better monitor ,icon-display menu for easier operation and settings.




Accuref-K 9003D Tilt Screen

Tilt Screen
Tilt screen function that allows wide variance of access whether the operator is sitting or standing.





Joystick & Jog-dial
Modified joystick & jogdial that allows the operator to control the unit with better, precise and instinctive movement.


Auto Standby & Automatic 3Dimensional Alignment Function
Auto standby mode when turned on, auto alignment function enables even inexperienced users to take the measurement in an instant.



L/R Auto Movement
After measurement is taken for one eye, ACCUREF-K 9003D will automatically shift over to begin measurement for the other eye.




Auto Printer w/ built-in cutter
When the examination is complete, the readings are automatically printed. The built-in cutter will operate automatically to easily pull out the paper.

Human Friendly Design
Form and design that gives comfortable atmosphere from child to elder.
Soft, smooth texture that gives warm impression.
Easy and comfortable examination from beginning to end for both patient and the operator.





Horizontal Scanning Window
New feature "Horizontal Scanning Window" only moves the built-in camera window within the unit which gives patients comfortableness and pressure-free atmosphere. For the operator, safe and precise measurement

Compact & Silent Autorefractor Keratometer Shin Nippon Accuref-K 9003D
Extremely compact designing and incredibly quiet movement sound (less than 40 db). *In-House Testing Result

Motorized ChinRest
Operator can easily adjust the chinrest with the switch located on the operator side and enables speedy reading.

Photo Mode in the Autorefractor Keratometer Shin Nippon Accuref-K 9003D
Color photo shot for the front eye. Beneficial for informed consent.

Adult/Child Mode
For consecutive examination in groups, ACCUREF-K 9003D has a feature to change adult/child mode to adjust the pupil distance travel.

External Output, Enclosed Software
ACCUREF-K 9003D holds RS-232C and USB port for an access to your PC. Also, reading data filing software is enclosed with the product.

Easy Paper Installation in the Autorefractor Keratometer Shin Nippon Accuref-K 9003D
Paper can easily be installed or replaced by opening the front cover and inserting the paper.


Specifications for Autorefractor Keratometer Shin Nippon Accuref-K 9003D

Refractive Measuring Range Sphere (S) -30D〜+22D (In case of VD=12)(step: 0.12/0.25D )
Cylinder (C) 0〜 ±10D (step: 0.12/0.25D)
Axis (A) 0〜180° (1°)
Corneal Curvature Radius Measurement Corneal Curvature Radius 5.0〜10.0mm (step: 0.01)
Corneal Refractivity 33.75〜67.5D (Corneal Refractive n=1.3375) (step: 0.12/0.25D)
Degree of Corneal Astigmatism 0〜±10D (step: 0.12/0.25D)
Axis Angle 0〜180° (step:1°)
Refractive Measurement φ6.1mm
Vertex Distance 0, 10, 12, 13.5, 15mm
Minimum Pupil Diameter φ2.2 mm
PD Measurement Measurement Range 85mm (step: 1)
Measurement Time Refractive Measurement approx. 0.07sec.
Corneal Curvature Radius approx.0.07sec.
Printer The thermal line printer with auto-cutter (paper width57mm)
Internal Monitor 7.5inches color LCD monitor (TFT)
Shifting Range of the Sliding Body back/forth±16mm right/left±43mm up/down±12 mm
Vertical Adj. Range of Chin Rest ±30mm
Dimensions (W) 260mm (D) 442mm (H)445mm
Weight Approx.16kg
Data Output RS-232C interface USB
Power Source 100-240V 50/60Hz
Consumption 90VA
Power Saving Function OFF, 3, 5, 10mins (switchable)
Standard Accessories Operation Manual, Model Eye, Power Cord, Printing Paper, Fuse, Chin Rest Paper, Chin Rest Paper Pin, Dust Cover, Filing Software

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