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Autorefractor Keratometer Topcon KR-8000PA Supra

Autorefractor Keratometer Topcon KR-8800

The new tri-functional Autorefractor Keratometer Topcon KR-8000PA Supra combines an autorefractor, an autokeratometer, and a computerized color corneal mapping system all in a single, compact unit! This enables the instrument to provide three times the diagnostic capabilities in one-third the space, at a fraction of the cost of the individual instruments.

By implementing Topcon’s Autorefractor Keratometer Topcon KR-8000PA Supraexclusive rotary prism technology for the refraction portion of the measurement, the Autorefractor Keratometer Topcon KR-8000PA Supra provides objective data that is unmatched in accuracy and reliability. Auto tracking and auto measurement enhance the ease of operation.

The Autorefractor Keratometer Topcon KR-8000PA Supra unit also incorporates ten placido rings for enhanced testing precision, providing corneal mapping measurements out to 10mm!

Features for Autorefractor Keratometer Topcon KR-8000PA Supra

Topcon Color Mapping 32 Software

This versatile 32-bit color mapping software system enhances clinical evaluations with the output of highly accurate, full color corneal maps. The system offers an enlarged color map, tangential axial maps, sagittal maps, refractive and keratometric data, and peripheral keratometric maps. It provides early phase detection of subclinical keratoconus as well as pre and post-op evaluation. The software also features a new image overlay function, as well as a Multi-Map and Difference Map View, which display multiple image maps for easy comparison.

The color mapping system is an excellent patient education tool and is designed for use with the Topcon KR-7000P or KR-8000PA Auto Refractor/Keratometer. Windows® 95/98/NT Compatible.

The color mapping software also features a contact lens fitting module with adjustable parameters to view the contact lens fit on screen.

The Autorefractor Keratometer Topcon KR-8000PA Supra System Benefits Include:

  • Allows Three Functions at One Station:
    - Refraction
    - Keratometry
    - Corneal Mapping
  • Contact Lens Fitting Utility
  • Early Phase Detection of Subclinical Keratoconus
  • Direct Link to CV System
Autorefractor Keratometer Topcon KR-8000PA Supra Specifications

Objective Refractometer Mode
Sphere: -25 to +22D in 0.25D step (0.12D step available)
0 to ± 8D in step 0.25D (0.12D step available)
1° to 180° in 1° step (5° step available)
Minimal Pupil Diameter:
Method of Relaxation:
Automatic Fogging
Charts for Objective Testing:
Corneal Cirvature Mode
Corneal Curvature Radius:
5.00mm ~ 10.00mm, in 0.01mm step
Corneal Refraction:
67.5D ~ 33.75D
Refraction Index:
Corneal Astigmatism: 0D ~ ± 10D
Corneal Astigmatism Axial Angle: 1° ~ 180° , 1° step
Measuring Area: 3mm with 7.7mm radius
Corneal Mapping Mode
Measuring Area: 1.5mm to 10mm (R=7.7)
Image Display: TV Monitor
Image Output: BNC
Data Output: RS-232C
Other General Specifications
PD Measurement Range: 85mm max. in 1mm step
Measuring Start: Auto Alignment / Auto Start / Manual Mode
Corneal Diameter Measurement: Yes
Pupil Diameter: Range: 2~13mm / Step: 0.25mm
Measurement Recording: Built-in printer (up to 10 measurements of each eye)
Alignment: Screen Display
Vertex Distance: 0, 12.0 and 13.75mm (selectable)
Energy Saving: Automatically turns off when left unused for 10 minutes
IOL: Special IOL switch to adjust to circumstances of IOL wearers
Power Supply: 100, 120, 220, 240V
Weight: 19kg
Dimensions: 275 (W) X 475 (D) X 450 (H) mm

Autorefractor Keratometer Topcon KR-8000PA Supra

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