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Tomey TR-4000

The Autorefractor Tomey TR-4000 provides highly accurate measurement of patients’ refractive error. This measurement is obtained simply by pushing a button. Patient alignment is simple and effortless with the joystick controller. The Autorefractor Tomey TR-4000 automatically calculates interpupillary distance (PD) based upon the patient’s alignment.

autorefractor tomey tr-4000Fast and accurate measurement

With dual CCD cameras for accurate, reliable and repeatable measurements, the TR-4000 offers a fast (0.3 seconds) measurement time and a unique multi-averaging system for accurate Refraction readings.

Data output

Refraction results are immediately available on the screen and may be printed using the system's quiet built-in, high-speed printer. Results can also be transferred to the office database via the integral RS-232C connection.

Power saving features

The stand-by, or sleep, mode is automatically activated after five or ten minutes (operator selected) of idle time. This reduces power consumption, resulting in operating cost savings, and increases the overall lifetime of the TR-4000. Simply push the joystick button to reactivate the unit.


TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS for Autorefractor Tomey TR-4000


   Measurement Ranges


        Sphere Power

-20 D -+20 D

        Cylinder Power

-8D -+8D

        Cylinder Axis

0 - 180 degrees


50 - 86 mm

       Corneal Curvature

5.5 - 10 mm (33.75 - 61.36 D)

   Working Distance

60 mm

   Unit Increments



0.12, 0.25 D


1 degree

   Measurement Time

0.03 seconds

   Minimum Pupil Diameter

2.5 mm

   Measurement Display

Real time display of SPH, CYL and AXIS values.


Built-in thermal printer/RS-232C

   Patient Target



5" monochrome CRT

   Focusing System

Target on CRT Display

Autorefractor Tomey TR-4000

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