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B-Scan Tomey UD-8000 Ultrasonic B Scanner

The Ultrasonic B Scanner UD-8000 is a unique B-scan device with a “Full Digital System” whose A/D converter is located between the transducer array and the delay circuit.

The in-phase synthetic method, digital wave detection for higher resolution and the new “tissue harmonic imaging” filtering method for finer images are results of this digital system.

Product Features

  • Unique Probe and Component
  • High-resolution
  • Versatile Functions
  • 60MHz (UBM)
  • Membrane cap
  • (Disposable)
Tomey UD-8000

Full Digital Ultrasonic Technology

The UD 8000 provides ease of operation with its performance accuracy for optometrists and ophthalmologists alike with the incorporation of intuitive touch-screen operation including video recording and analysis function.

The standard probe is a multi-frequency probe which is switchable from 15 MHz to 20 MHz within the measurement. Additionally you have a harmonic wave analysis for more details with the identical penetration-all in one probe!

Compared to standard linear scanners (with only one focus plane) our Tomey annual array technology provides amazingly detailed and clear B-Scan images of the entire eye thanks to its five focal planes.

Unique Probe and Component

Up to 4 probes B-Scan:15MHz(20MHz), Switching Frequency in 15MHz B-Probe (15MHz, 20MHz, Harmonic) *Options : 60 MHz(UBM) Probe AL-4000 (A-Probe/A-Diagnostic, Pachymeter Probe)

Extra High-Resolution

5 Rings Annular Array B-Probe Wide Dynamic Range of 2 Gradual transmissions and 6 Gradual Receptions for Dynamic Focus



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