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Color Blind Test Ishihara

Color Blind Test IshiharaThe Color Blind Test Ishihara Test is a test for red-green color deficiencies. It was named after its designer, Dr. Shinobu Ishihara, a professor at the University of Tokyo, who first published his tests in 1917.

The Color Blind Test Ishihara consists of a number of colored plates, each of which contains a circle made of many different sized dots of slightly different colors, spread in a seemingly random manner. Within the dot pattern, and differentiated only by color, is a number. What, or even if, a number is visible indicates if and what form of color blindness the viewer has.

The full Color Blind Test Ishihara consists of thirty-eight plates, but the existence of a deficiency is usually clear after no more than four plates.

Common plates include a circle of dots in shades of green and light blues with a figure differentiated in shades of brown or a circle of dots in shades of red, orange and yellow with a figure in shades of green; the first testing for protanopia and the second for deuteranopia.

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