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keratometerA keratometer is an ophthalmic instrument used in ophthalmology and optometry to measure the curvature and reflection of the anterior surface of the cornea. Also sometimes called an ophthalmometer, is primarily used to diagnose the presence of astigmatism and to determine the degree and treatment of astigmatism. Astigmatism is a condition of the eye in which the cornea or lens is misshapen and can result in vision problems.

The modern equipment uses optical sensors and computerized technology to measure comparisons and contrasts of the cornea against a predetermined value. The values determined are called keratometric values and enable eye care professionals to determine the presence and degree of astigmatism. There are two types of astigmatisms: the most common is a misshapen cornea, but sometimes the lens, located behind the cornea, can be misshapen. A normal cornea is spherical, but in the case of astigmatism, the cornea is oblong.

This equipment measures the cornea at different meridians and helps determine a proper corrective prescription, the degree of correction, and whether concave or convex lenses are required to restore vision to an acceptable level.

This medical equipment is also frequently used to assist an eye surgeon in certain surgical procedures. Provides a LED light as a point of focus for the patient and refracts the proper meridians, enabling the surgeon to make precise incisions during cataract and other corrective eye surgery.

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