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LCD Chart ViewLight LCD-100

lcd chartThe LCD Chart Viewlight LCD-100

The vision chart is a visual test instrument that displays optotypes and graphics on a LCD Screen. This instrument has 15 test charts which includes contrast sensitivity test and 5 different mask types.


  • Video and audio playing function available: It can play the video and audio files stored on SD card.
  • Users can install their own test applications to the vision chart. This function satisfy customer's desire of using user-defined tests.
  • Equipped with an accelerometer, the direction of icons can be adjusted automatically when the screen orientation changes
  • Gamma calibration function is realized in the contrast sensitivity test
  • The icons are in random orientation in E and C testing
  • Vectorial icon sets
  • Based on linux platform


LCD: 17-inch XGA Panel
Distance: 2M-7M (in steps of 0.1M)/6 inch-24 feet (in steps of 0.5 foot)
Remote Control: IR
Remote control battery: AAA
Brightness: >160 cd/m2
Optotype E, C, Letter, Number, Children
Test function:
  • Schober Test
  • Worth Test
  • Cross Grid
  • Coincidence Test
  • Stereo Test
  • Astigmatism Test
  • Traffic light
  • Contrast Sensitivity Test
  • Fixation Point Test
  • Ishihara Test
  • Cross Cylinder
  • Red Green Panel
  • Red Green Balance
Mask Type
  • Change of the background
  • Single Mask
  • Horizontal Mask
  • Vertical Mask
  • Red/Green mask
  • Contrast sensitivity
Visus Unit 5-Grade, Decimal, LogMAR, Snellen(ft), Snellen(M)
Other functions: optotype random display


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