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Pachymeter Accutome AccuPachV


Accutome PachymeterThe Pachymeter Accutome AccupachV have gained worldwide recognition as the best ultrasonic pachymeter available for measurement of corneal thickness.

Does your pachymeter Accutome AccupachV have Digital Signal Analysis?

Only the NEW AccuPachV has Digital Signal Analysis, which offers outstanding accuracy and repeatability. The built in IOP conversion makes calculating IOP quick and easy. The voice output allows the operator to focus completely on the patient as the Pachymeter Accutome Pach V verifies the measurements out loud. Trial the NEW pachymeter that the ophthalmic market has been raving about!


The Pachymeter Accutome AccupachV:

Easy-to-use - User-friendly touch-tone screen allows the user to master the AccuPach V in minutes!

Patients are #1 - Revolutionary voice output feature calls out readings, allowing the user to concentrate more on the cornea.

Superior Accuracy - State-of-the-art digital technology (Accutome's Digital Signal Analysis), combined with a probe sampling of 65 MHz, ensures precise readings.

Confidence - Digital waveform analysis helps to ensure measurements are properly aligned.

IOP Correction Calculation - Converts IOP measurements in seconds.

Portable - The pachymeter Accupach V is desktop, slit lamp or wall mountable.

-Adjustable handle/stand allows viewing on different angles.

-Optional Printer available


Features Pachymeter Accutome AccupachV:

65 MHz Probe (sampling)
Range of 300 to 999 microns
Accuracy of +/-5 microns
Resolution of +/-1 micron
Compact and lightweight (10" x 10" x 2.5", 3.1 lb.)
Universal Power supply (100-240 VAC 47-63 Hz)
Adjustable Speed of Sound
Automatic Gain Control

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