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A Scan Pachymeter DGH 5100e


Accutome PachymeterCombination A Scan Pachymeter DGH 5100e with graphic display and IOL power calculation software. All A-scans and A-Scan/Pachymeter combination units include firmware module with SRKII, SRKT, Holladay Dioptimum and Binkhorst II formulas. Audible tones increase in frequency the closer you get to visual axis. Constant tone when alignment is achieved with corneal indentation. Triple tone when measurement is obtained without corneal indentation.

All Model DGH 5000e and DGH 5100e are equipped with corneal compression detection software, and are upgradeable to the water immersion option.

Live waveform display
Same A-SCAN features as DGH 5000e plus a full capability pachymeter
Uses same proven corneal thickness measurement algorithm as all DGH pachymeter models
Automatic measurements - no foot switch required
Permanently stores up to nine customized maps
Stores up to 33 measurements by cornea location
Stores up to 33 measurements by cornea location
Actual, biased, and ring measurement data
Solid probe, focused to 1.5mm tip
Choice of straight or 45 degree angled probe
Flap measurement option

Product Specifications for A Scan Pachymeter DGH 5100e:

  • VOLTAGE: 90-132 VAC or 180-264 VAC
  • CURRENT DRAW: 0.3 A (typical) @ 115 VAC Line
  • FREQUENCY: 50/60 HZ INSTRUMENT ACCURACY± 0. 1 mm (Biometer) ± 0.005mm (Pachymeter)
  • RESOLUTION: 0.01mm (Biometer) 0.00 1 mm (Pachymeter)
  • A-SCAN GAIN CONTROL: Computer-adjusted automatic with manual override.
  • BIOMETRY RANGES: Axial Length: 15mm to 35mm Lens
  • Thickness: 2.Omm to 7.5mm AC Depth: 2.Omm to 6.Omm
  • FLAP option: 0.095mm to I. I mm
  • EXTENDED OPTION for the A Scan Pachymeter DGH 5100e : O.2mm to 2.Omm


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