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PD Meter Viewlight DPM-20

PD Meter PD-10

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The PD Meter PD-20 is a digital precision optical instrument used to measure distance between human pupils in the process of optometry for fitting spectacles.

  1. It employs precise optical structure, the line of light is very clear and precise measurement. The measurement results are displayed digitally,and the left eye and right eye measuring values are displayed separately.
  2. Simple and rapid measuring operation, and free operation of the direct PD adjustment lever are possible. Combining with the adjustable viewing distance selecting lever for measuring all kind of the viewing distances, the PD measurement is simple and precise.
  3. When the measuring operation is finished, the auto power off and memory function,enable to save the power and not to lose the data.
  4. It can also be used in monocular the left eye and right eye separately.
pd meter Pd meter  


  • Forehead Bar
  • Nosepad
  • Display of PD (R*R+L*L)
  • PD adjustment
  • Focusing-point distance lever
  • Power supply switch
  • Viewfinder
  • The cornea reflection light coincidence method” is used. This operates by aligning luminous points on the pupils with the measuring line.
  • Displayed digitally. Three measurements are provided: Right, Right + Left, left.
  • Results are accurate to within 0.25mm.
  • Measurements can be made for a single eye or for both eyes.
  • Possible to measure PD of focusing-point distances ranging from 30cm to infinity.


Method of measurement Cornea reflection light coincidence method
Scope of measurement 49 to 81 mm(Total PD)
24.5 to 40.5 mm(Single eye)
Graduations 0.5mm
Display Liquid crystal display
Target for focusing point Internal green dot on illuminated background
Range of focusing point 30cm~∞
Diopter changer Provided
Eye shield Provided
Illumination lamp LED
Electric source 4.5V DC (SUM3 batteries×3)
Dimensions 155(W)×255(D)×55(H)mm
Weight 690g


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