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Phoropter Huvitz HDR 7000

huvitz hdr 7000The Phoropter Huvitz HDR 7000 allows the automation of the subjective refraction process. The slim compact design of the optical head virtually eliminates the tunnel vision effect that can be perceived from deeper designs. In addition the slim design allows a 40 degree field of view, which is the widest in the industry.

Key Features:

Faster Quieter Motors - The Phoropter Huvitz HDR 7000 has been reengineered with faster quieter motors to improve the speed and efficiency of the exam process.

LED illuminated Near Vision Chart -

A Unique built in feature included as a standard item. The Vision Chart is illuminated automatically once the near point rod is lowered into position and turns itself off when it is restored to the resting position.

Independent R/L PD Adjustment -

For maximum control the PD can be adjusted monocular for ultimate control. In addition the instrument automatically converges when a near test is selected, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

Auto VD Detection -

The Vertex Distance is automatically detected once the patients makes contact with the forehead rest. In addition you are notified by and LED If the patient looses contact with the forehead rest.

Auto Occlusion - When a lens change is delivered to the patient the patient's vision is automatically occluded by the Phoropter Huvitz HDR 7000 to avoid confusion


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