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Auto Phoroptor RS

Auto Phoroptor RS

The Reichert Ultramatic RX Master Phoroptor has been the leading name in refraction for more than 80 years. The same precision engineering, reliability and outstanding performance of the man ual Phoropter are incorporated into the Auto Phoroptor RS Auto Refraction System. The compact design, sleek styling and quick, quiet lens exchange are unmatched by other automated refraction systems.

Precise, efficient refraction integrated with your practice:

The Auto Phoroptor RS will easily adapt to your practice, allowing you to perform all the functions of manual refraction while comfortably seated next to your patient. The controller is small enough to place on any work surface and can also be operated from a stading position.

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Auto Phoropter RS Phoropter Reichert Phoropter Reichert RS

The system configuration fits perfectly with a traditional lane set up, requiring no additional investment in instrument tables and seating. The Auto Phoroptor RS can communicate with pre-test equipment and EMR systems to upload patient data as a refraction staring point, as well as save refraction results.

Auto Phoroptor RS Features

  • Compact design is not intimidating and allows for greater patient visibility
  • Ultra slim lens profile that prevents the patient from experiencing tunnel vision
  • Prism lenses slide in manually, minimizing the width of the lens aperture
  • Phoroptor eye height adjustment to align the patient's eyes horizontally
  • Functions as both a plus and minus cylinder Phoroptor with the ability to change cylinder preference in mid exam
  • Phoroptor automatically converges and transitions to binocular measurement when the near point rod is lowered
  • Polarized, Maddox and selectable Retinoscopy lenses
  • Connectivity with a wide range of lensmeters and autorefractors
  • Interfaces with EMR systems

Auto Phoroptor RS Controller Features:

The controller allow you to perform all refraction functions and provides customizable settings to meet your needs and preferences. The intuitive keypad controls are logically arranged and easily accessed. Most operations are single key functions.

  • PD Measurements
  • Sphere power adjustment
  • Cross cylinder function tests for astigmatism, axis adjustment and cylinder power measurement
  • Presentation of prism lenses
  • Measurement of ADD poweer in near vision testing
  • Storage of unaided and aided visual acuity
  • Record and automate up to four different refraction sequences



  • Spherical Power +17.25 to -22.25 D, Steps 0.25 and 1.00 D
  • Cylinder Power +8.0 to -8.0 D, Steps 0.25 and 1.00 D
  • Axis Adjustment 0 to 179 Degrees, Steps 1 and 10 Degrees
  • Cross Cylinder Test +/- 0.25 D and +/- 0.5 D
  • Prism 0 to 20 Prism Diopter, Steps 0.50 Prism Diopter binocular and 0.25 Prism Diopter  monocular
  • Corneal Vertex Distance 16 mm
  • PD Adjustment 50 to 80 mm, Steps 1 mm binocular, 0.50 monocular
  • Convergence 400 mm
  • Eye Height Adjustment +/- 3 mm
  • Free Aperture 19 mm
  • Depth of Housing at Aperture 26 mm
  • Dimensions 12.2" W x 8.1" H


  • Dimensions - Keypad 9.2" W x 1.8" H x 9.8" D (23.4 x 4.5 x 25.0 cm)
  • Dimensions - Display 8.9" W x 6.2" H x 0.6" D (22.5 x 15.8 x 15.0 cm)
  • Weight 4.2 lbs. (1.9 kg)
  • Screen 8" Viewable Color LCD Display

Central Unit:

  • Dimensions 8.1" W x 3.5" H x 10.8" D (20.5 x 9.0 x 27.5 cm)
  • Weight 9.9 lbs. (4.5 kg)
  • Power Consumption 80 VA
  • Operating Voltage 115 VAC / 60 Hz, 240 VAC / 50 Hz

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