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Phoropter Shin Nippon BR-10

Shin Nippon BR 10The Phoropter Shin Nippon BR-10 Refracting instrument offers time tested configuration that includes dual loupe turrets with synchronized Jackson cross cylinders and rotary prisms.

Front reading corneal sights and convergence device are incorporated for ease of use. Ease of control, functional smoothness and quiet operation assures efficiency and long lasting satisfaction.

The Phoropter Shin Nippon BR-10 Refractor offers many features such as a rotation adjustment knob, Mounting Bracket, tilt clamp knob, reading rod clamp screw, reading rod holder, and forehead rest knob.

Specifications Range for phoropter Shin Nippon BR-10
SPH lenses - 19.00D to + 16.75D
CYL lenses 0 to - 6.00D ( - 8.00D with accessory lenses )
Ten other lenses each part left and right on the accessory disc
Cross cylinder +- 0.25 or +- 0.50
Rotary prism
Vergence for near test


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