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used nct reichert

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The used NCT Reichert

The non-contact tonometer is an applanation tonometer and works on the principle of a time interval. Measuring the time it takes from the initial generation of the puff of air to where the cornea is exactly flattened (in milliseconds) to the point where the timing device stops. It takes less time for the puff of air to flatten a soft eye than it does a hard eye.

Procedure for IOP Measurement with the used nct reichert

1.) Turn the power button to the on position and allow it to warm up for 30 seconds (usually once it is turned on it should be left on all day).

2.) Adjust the eyepiece until the reticle is in good focus.

3.) Push the button (D) to demonstrate to the patient what the air and sound are like. Have the patient hold their finger up in front of the instrument and trigger the air-pulse. At the same time note the reading on the display screen, for the NCT ii you should get a reading of 50 mmhg (+) or (-) 1 mmHg if the instrument is calibrated correctly.

4.) During the next three steps the operator should observe the patient and instrument from the side.

More tips for used nct reichert

5.) Adjust the patient's height in the chin rest so that their outer canthus is aligned with the black mark. Make sure the patient's forehead activates the forehead switches and that the indicator light is on.

6.) Adjust the instrument height so that the light from the instrument objective shines in the center of the patient's pupil. Raise the safety lock, have the patient close their eyes and move the instrument forward until you see a donut shaped bright area with a shadowed center on the patient's lid, then release the safety lock and make sure the instrument will not move any farther forward.

7.) Have the patient open their eyes and again center the light so that it shines in the center of the patient's pupil. The patient should be able to see the red dot target clearly, if not, adjust the Rx wheel for the patients approximate spherical equivalent.

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