Refurbished Tonopen XL
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Used Slit Lamp Topcon SL-2E


We have in stock and ready to go this sparkling Slit Lamp Topcon SL-2E. The picture to the right is the actual picture.

As an option we can include a used zeis tonometer for $700.

We offer 90 day warranty against any deffects, but it's already cleaned and calibrated. You won't have any problems for years.

The SL-2E employs Topcons patented converging binocular tubes, together with a parallel objective lens for stereoscopic observation that is remarkably sharp and easy on the viewer. The SL-2ED incorporates a Galilean-type drum that allows quick and easy shifts among three convenient magnification ratios: 10X, 16X and 25.6X, when employing the standard 12.5X Hi-Eyepoint eyepieces

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