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Autoprojector Reichert AP 250

reichert ap 250The Autoprojector Reichert AP 250 is a remote-controlled, programmable, random-access, high resolution, ophthalmic projector.

The AP 250 fits into almost any refracting environment. Focus controls are adjusted quickly and easily; and a choice of mounting options gives you plenty of floor plan flexibility.

The AP 250 is compact and enhances any office decor. It is lightweight and comes with a high quality projection screen.

The Autoprojector Reichert AP 250 Includes:

• Program keys allow you to easily program chart sequences
• 12 special charts, including cross cylinder test, vertical letters, horizontal letters, phoria test, muscle balance test, minute stereo test, coincidence test, Worth four-dot test, fixation spot test, astigmatic dial, red/green test and binocular balance test
• Masking options in the Autoprojector Reichert AP 250 allow you to isolate vertical and horizontal lines or individual characters
• 4 Illiterate Charts (two 20/20 lines)
• 3 Children's Charts (one 20/20 line)
• 5 Number Charts (one 20/20 line)
• 8 Letter Charts (five 20/20 lines)
• Red/Green Filter or Polarization Filter can be used on any chart of the Autoprojector Reichert AP 250

Price for AutoProjector Reichert AP 250

Catalog #13800

Additional Accessories:

Code Description
12092 Manual Proyector Stand Mount
12091 Wall Bracket
12096 Floor Stand
12090 Table Base
COW Mirror Set


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