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Trial Lens Sets and Trial Frames

Chronological History

1900 - Trial Lens sets

AO produced a trial lens design by Charles Prentice. This set was composed of biconcave minus lenses of true curve out the convex plus lenses were designed to neutralize the minus lenses. This meant that the lenses were almost exactly true vertex refractions or effective power. The first lenses so made. This principle is still used in our trial lens sets. Only the rings & cases have been updated.

1900 - Trial Frames

Used in conjunction with trial lenses.


Trial Lens Sets

Trial Set

Trial Lens sets Plus & Minus Cyl
266 Alluminium case or
Lethers case




Trial Frames

Trial Set

Universal Trial Frames

Trial Set

Classic Trial Frames
Oculus UB3

Trial Set

Half Trial frames


metal trial frame

Universal Trial Frames
Oculus UB4



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