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B-Scan E-Z Scan B5500+

The B-Scan Sonomed B5500+ provides excellent resolution with a full set of features including display of A-scan trace across a selectable vector, zoom and pan capaibilities, multiple color and grayscale display modes, measurement functions, annotation, and more. The real-time B-scan display, adjustable gain and TVG controls, and enhanced "high-resolution" mode which produces a scan with 256 line vectors facilitate optimal diagnostic viewing.


B-Scan Sonomed E-Z B5500

With touch screen operation, the B-Scan Sonomed B5500 is extremely intuitive and easy to use and has the trusted trademark Sonomed reliability. Some of the features include:

- Real-time B-scan display (30 rames per second)

- Touch screen operation with large backlit display

- Display modes of grayscale, orange, blue, and full color

- Selectable simultaneous A-scan vector

- Selectable "high-resolution" mode produces 256 line scan

- Continuous zoom and pan functions

- Gain and TVG controls for optimal diagnostic capability

- Fully adjustable tilt for ergonomic comfort

The B-Scan Sonomed B5500 series offers extreme portability, weighing about 5 lbs (2.4 kg), and comes with optional padded carrying case. A video printer comes standard and allows for printing of hardcopy record of scans. Data download and scan viewer software option is also available to create permanent digital archive of scan results.


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