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B-Scan Tomey UD-6000


B-Scan TomeyThe B-Scan Tomey UD-6000 incorporates the latest ultrasound technology for eyecare specialists. It is the ideal choice for the modern diagnostic laboratory. The UD-6000 provides B-Scan diagnosis, B-Scan axial length approximation and an A-Scan diagnostic function.

The B-Scan Tomey UD-6000 Dynamic Multi-Focus System scans near, middle and far points, compared to ordinary single focus systems that scan at one fixed distance providing only images of a single location.
The Multi-Focus probe delivers detailed images of all ocular locations (near, middle and far) at one time.

The B-Scan Tomey UD-6000 automatically saves up to the last 20 seconds of data acquisition as a video file. The images can be recalled
individually or played back in video sequence. The images may also be printed using the optional video printer and/or transferred to a computer. Patient data and images can be stored on the optional Memory Card. The touch screen operation is quick and intuitive, allowing you to easily change parameters, select options, and switch between save and play back the video
images. Even the distance and area measurements are only asingle touch away!

The B-Scan tomey UD-6000 incorporates all of the B-Scan features of the
UD-1000. It also provides for a user-defined area to be
superimposed on an image.

The software then automatically calculates the corresponding dimensions.

Additionally, the built-in zoom function enables detailed areas to be enlarged for study.

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