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Opthalmic Chair and Stand TRS-102A

Opthalmic Chair and stand luxvision lunaticaOur Opthalmic Chair and Stand Luxvision Lunatica is one of a series of products designed to meet customers expectations. This high quality unit is solidly built and easy to use and maintain. It is wear resistant and corrosion proof.

The Opthalmic Chair and Stand Luxvision Lunatica is an ideal choice for ophthalmologists and opticians not only in hospitals but also in optical glass shops.

Form and functionality have been integrated to create an expression of innovative design.

Special Features for Opthalmic Chair Stand Luxvision Lunatica:

  • COVER TOP: On the cover top of the unit are located the ophthalmoscope and retinoscope handle holders.
  • MAIN PANEL: The main panel features digital switches and lighted labels for easy reading.
  • Opthalmic Chair MOVEMENTS: The Opthalmic Chair can be rotated horizontally to an angle of 90 deg. Opthalmic Chair: electric elevation, reclinable 180, arm rest, foot rest and head rest.
  • SLIDING TABLE: This tables can slide horizontally. A limit switch for below the sliding table prevents the table to accidentally push the patient's legs. There is a socket for supplying power for the sight tester.

    Additional information of Opthalmic Chair stand luxvision lunatica


    Mechanical Parameter
    Dip angle +-30
    Rotating angle of the board 90 deg.
    Rotating range of the Opthalmic Chair +-60 deg
    Lifting range of the Opthalmic Chair 500~700 mm / 20~28 in
    Electric Parameters 
    Working Voltage 220V / 110V
    Power: 120 W
    Power of lamp 15W
    Maximum current 5A

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