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Ophthalmic Chair and Stand RIGHTmed

Model: Combo

chair stand rightmed combo

Combo 1800

We offer a unique solution to the space vs functionality challenge, all at an affordable price. A small 44" footprint provides total functionality in instrument delivery and patient comfort by combining features of the RIGHTmed Examination Chairs and the spectacular engineering of the instrument arms.


  • intelligent SLIT LAMP ARM

An engineering achievement, this fully counterbalanced arm, incorporates the full function and range, with the lock/release mechanism conveniently located at your fingertips. A 13” (33cm) range of travel and counter balance up to 60lbs (27.2kg), this arm easily accommodates all, including wheelchair patients. A chair up/down switch is located on the front of the arm and is reversible for left handed set up


The overhead light completes the modern appearance of the combo, yet offers a long-lasting halogen lamp, providing bright, direct light for general lighting or minor procedures. Metal lamp arm construction allows stable, one handed movements with superior durability. The overhead lamp is low voltage (12V) for safety.

  • ergonomic UPPER (REFRACTOR) ARM

Engineered with natural, and comfortable hand movements in mind, the lock/release lever engages a single lock mechanism in all three dimensions (forward/backward/vertical). A 12.5”(31.75cm) vertical range, and counter balance up to 20lbs (9.1kg) ensures precise and effortless positioning.

Console Options

Adding the console option features: three rechargeable wells for hand instruments, up/down and auto return for chair, BIO power source with rheostat, overhead light control with rheostat and main power on/off switching. Non-Console version includes rheostat for overhead lamp.

With Console

Without Console

Examination Chair Options

Select the Examination Chair that fits your needs and combine it with a Console or Non-Console Stand to complete the Combo.

All of our chairs include:

strong, yet silent POWER LIFT SYSTEM
Powered by Swiss designed linear actuator for smooth and virtually silent lifting with a 500lb lifting capacity.The chair seat raises to 30” (76.2cm) and lowers to 22” (55.8cm).

intelligent ROTATION/LOCK
Rotatable to a full 360°, enabling maximum flexibility in patient positioning with locking ability in any position.

Height adjustment controls accessible from the slit lamp arm, stand console (when paired with a S4OPTIK Instrument Stand), or movable foot switch.

functional ARMRESTS
Upholstered for comfort, and are individually retractable for patient flexibility.

convenient FOOT CONTROL
Robust foot switch provides raise/lower control for chair height adjustment.

adjustable HEADREST
The headrest is height adjustable and upholstered for patient comfort.

robust FOOT REST
A large, broad and stable footrest provides safe and easy ingress/egress.

COMBO 1800 Recline Chair

The RIGHTmed 1600-CH Examination Chair’s pneumatically assisted pivot tilting mechanism with one-handed release/control mechanism allows simple patient positioning with up to a 40 degree recline. In addition to featuring this Pivot Tilt System with convenient Tilt Release Controls, the 1600-CH features a strong, yet silent Power Lift System, intelligent Rotation Lock, robust Foot Rest, functional Armrests, sensible Height Control locations, and improved Headrest design.

Pneumatically assisted tilting mechanism makes it easy to recline to any position (Maximum of 40 degrees).

One-handed release/control mechanism for easy chair positioning.

COMBO 2000-CH - Pivot Tilt

The RIGHTmed 2000-CH Examination Chair is the perfect choice for today’s modern practice. It features a precision engineered Cradle Track System, convenient Tilt Release Controls, strong, yet silent Power Lift System, intelligent Rotation Lock, robust Foot Rest, functional Armrests, sensible Height Control locations, and improved Headrest design.

Precision engineered Cradle Track System provides effortless recline with perfect counterbalance.

COMBO 2500-CH - Pivot Tilt

The RIGHTmed 2500-CH Fully Automatic Examination Chair is the perfect choice for today’s modern practice. Featuring a precision engineered motorized recline system extends from a seated to a supine position or any position in between. The 2500-CH Examination Chair also includes such features as convenient membrane buttons, a strong, yet silent Power Lift and Recline System, intelligent Rotation Lock, robust Foot Rest, functional Armrests, sensible Height Control locations, and an improved articulating Headrest design.

Precision engineered Motorised Auto Recline System extends from seated to supine position or any position in between.

Recline, return or stop: all are achieved easily by a simple press of a membrane switch mounted on both sides of the chair.



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