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USED Corneal Topographer
Humphrey Atlas Eclipse 995


Used Corneal Topographer Humphrey Atlas Eclipse 995Highly intuitive and user-friendly, the Used Corneal Topographer Humphrey Atlas Eclipse 995 is ideal for primary care, computerized contact lens fitting, pathology detection, and corneal refractive surgery management.

The ATLAS System combines comprehensive software with advanced imaging and analysis technology and has established itself as the world’s most popular corneal topography system. The Used Corneal Topographer Humphrey Atlas Eclipse 995 sets the standard of care, incorporating many exclusive features and capabilities, such as an advanced Arc-Step Algorithm, true elevation data and aspheric surface reconstruction.

The 22-ring Placido Cone of the Used Corneal Topographer Humphrey Atlas Eclipse 995 presents a larger limbus-to-limbus field of view and its ideal spacing avoids ring crossover. The patented Cone-of-Focus™ technology enables superior
electronic alignment for greater repeatability and accuracy. Also patented is the ATLAS Patient Interface, which positions the patient for wide peripheral coverage and automatically
detects OS/OD. The Used Corneal Topographer Humphrey Atlas Eclipse 995 System also features Automatic Pupil Measurement and has USB and Ethernet capabilities to support network data storage and printing.

The equipment of the Used Corneal Topographer Humphrey Atlas Eclipse 995 System can be additionally customized by the use of optional software modules. These provide the physician with the tools for the more detailed evaluation and diagnostics that are now indispensable for patient therapy.

Value-Enhancing Data Analysis Software Modules for the Used Corneal Topographer Humphrey Atlas Eclipse 995

Advanced Refractive Diagnostics

Advanced Refractive DiagnosticsThe Advanced Refractive Diagnostics module adds true elevation and wavefront irregularity maps to enhance surgical and diagnostic decisionmaking. True elevation (vs. “height” maps from conventional topographers) is made possible by the patented Cone-of-Focus, which uses a unique extended Placido ring to establish a reference for highly accurate, true surface elevation. The irregularity map displays residual surface features that contribute to higher order aberrations and may limit best-corrected visual acuity



Healing Trend/STARS

Healing Trend/STARSThis module documents corneal shape changes over time.

  • Track corneal stability after cessation of contact lens wear for keratometric-based IOL power calculation
  • Monitor the effects of contact lens wear on the cornea
  • Monitor the results of ortho-keratology or CRT therapy
  • Monitor healing and stability after corneal refractive surgery (e.g. CK, LASIK, etc.)

Optional Software Modules for the Used Corneal Topographer Humphrey Atlas Eclipse 995

Pathfinder™ Corneal Analysis

Pathfinder™ Corneal AnalysisPathfinder helps take the guesswork and subjective assessment out of color topography map interpretation to aid the practitioner in his/her medical judgment of a patient’s corneal health by presenting three indices derived from corneal topography data in a practice-friendly format, including comparison to a statistical population distribution. When used in conjunction with other clinical information sources, Pathfinder provides a key tool for a practitioner to use when screening patients and managing pathologies with the Used Corneal Topographer Humphrey Atlas Eclipse 995.



MasterFit™ Contact Lens Fitting Module

MasterFit™ Contact Lens Fitting ModuleRigid Gas Permeable contact lens fitting is facilitated with this powerful practitioner’s tool. Individually defined fitting preferences and open architecture allow input of virtually any contact lens parameters for total flexibility to minimize fitting time and maximize patient satisfaction. Users can select a topographic or keratometric fitting approach to best match their own methodology.




VisionPro™ Ablation Simulator (VISX C-CAP Program)

VisionPro™ Ablation Simulator (VISX C-CAP Program)VisionPro is an interactive treatment planning tool for the VISX® STAR™ laser for the correction of previously decentered ablations resulting from treatment on any brand of laser. It is used in conjunction with the VISX Custom-CAP™ method. Several views provide visualization of the corneal shape, refractive power and tissue volume changes based on the surgeon’s ablation simulations.

Use of this program requires certification through VISX, and it is currently approved by the FDA under a Humanitarian Device Exemption (HDE).


Specs for Used Corneal Topographer Humphrey Atlas Eclipse 995
Working Distance: 70 mm (2.8 inches)
Field of View: 12.5 mm (0.5 inches)
Placido Rings: 22 (18 superiorly), near-infrared
Range: 9 to 108 D(37.5 to 3.13 mm, n=1.3375)
Repeatability: +0.10 D on test sphere
Archive/Backup: Floppy, network, or external hard drive
Printing: US, Serial Port, Ethernet
Electrical Requirements: 100/120 V~, 2A, 50-60 Hz
220/240 V~, 2A, 50-60 Hz
Dimensiones LxWxH: 466 x 313 x 457 mm (18.3 x 12.3 x 18.0 inches)
Weight: Approx. 43 lbs. (20 kg)
Standard Views:

Axial (Sagittal) Curvature
Tangential (Instantaneous) Curvature
Refractive Power
Elevation (difference from best-fit sphere)
Simulated Keratometry (SimK)
Healing Trend/STARS*

Standard Hardware: Intel Pentium Processor
128 MB Ram
3.5" floppy drive
40 GB Hard Drive
USB, RS-232 and Ethernet Ports
10.4" TFT LCD Display
Glide Pad Pointing device


This complete package includes:

  • Used Corneal Topographer Humphrey Atlas Eclipse model 995
  • Manuals
  • Calibration Equipment
  • Electric Table (like new)
  • Software: Kit Pathfinder A10-NSTC
  • Software: Kit for contact lens DLP6
  • Software: Kit healing Trend/STARS
  • Software: Backup System Memorex
  • Printer HP

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Atlas Eclipse 995

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