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Human Eye Model Detachment
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human eye model detachmentThe Human Eye Model Detachment is a new eye model to assist the ophthalmic professional in educating patients in the detachment of either the vitreous or the retina or the along with other anatomy of the human eye.

Gulden’s new Human Eye Model Detachment provides the opportunity to ease patient concerns with a demonstration. Quick and easy to use, the unique and accurate Detachment Eye Model will save the doctor and technician time.

The model shows a detached vitreous and a detached retina including the Vogt Ring. Also shown are a cross section of the eye in three layers; the retina, choroid, the sclera with veins and arteries, interior and exterior, including central retinal.

The Human Eye Model Detachment is made of plastic, measures six (6) inches in diameter, and is mounted on a black, sturdy, opaque, plastic base. It is realistically colored and textured and the cornea, optic nerve, and insertion of muscle are show





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