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Keratometer Argo

keratometer Argo

The keratometer Argo, is a diagnostic instrument for measuring the curvature of the anterior surface of the cornea, particularly for assessing the extent and axis of astigmatism.

The keratometerArgo is uses the relationship between object size (O), image size (I), the distance between the reflective surface and the object (d), and the radius of the reflective surface (R). If three of these variables are known (or fixed), the fourth can calculated using the formula R = 2dI/O

There are two distinct variants of determining R; Javal-Schiotz type keratometers have a fixed image size and are typically 'two position', whereas Bausch and Lomb type keratometers have a fixed object size and are usually 'one position'.

Features for Keratometer Argo:

* Smooth rack-and-pinion focusing system with right or left hand control.

* Knobs are easily accessed to maneuver your instrument around your patient for perfect alignment.

* Located on the occluder is a contact lens holder for measuring the base curve of hard contact lenses.

* An adjustable eyepiece compensates user's refraction error.

* Sharp, uniform target mires for accurate readings in Keratometer Argo.

* Includes 45 Diopter calibrating lens to periodically check the accuracy of the instrument.

* Diopter range: 30D to 60D

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