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Keratometer Shin Nippon SO 11

keratometer shin nippon


The Keratometer Shin Nippon SO 11 LED ILLUMINATION
Troublesome lamp replacement is eliminated by an LED light source. (light-emitting-diode)

The Keratometer Shin Nippon SO 11 has the most up to date features than any other keratometer on the market today. When you get tired of buying illumination bulbs, you will appreciate this unit. Ease of operation is made possible by the bright illumination. This keratometer includes external reading system.





MAGNIFICATIONS Objectives 1.27x
Eyepieces 15x
Total 19x
Diopter adjusting scale ±7 D
SCALE Corneal radius of curvature 6.5 ~ 9.4 mm (0.025 mm steps)
Corneal refractive power 52 ~ 36 D (0.25 D steps)
Axis corneal astigmatism 0 ~ 180°(5°steps)
SYSTEM External reading system
ILLUMINATION LED Light-Emitting-Diode
DIMENSIONS Height 435 mm 465 mm
Width 178 mm 330 mm
Depth 510 mm 355 mm
Net weight 8.2 kgs 15 kgs
Chin-rest height adjustment 80 mm 80 mm
STANDARD ACCESSORY Dust cover, Test ball
POWER SOURCE ?AC Adapter (DC 12V 600 mA)



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