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LCD Chart Reichert

ClearChart 2

lcd chart reichert

The LCD Chart Reichert is proud to introduce the all-new ClearChart 2, the next generation in Digital Acuity. Building on the success of the immensely popular ClearChart, the ClearChart 2 is a comprehensive solution for all your acuity chart needs. The simple to use, all-in-one design is not only sleek and attractive, but eliminates the need for a PC or additional components.

Featuring a 19-inch, high-resolution LCD flat panel display, and weighing only 11.25 pounds, the ClearChart 2 is easily mounted to any wall. The custom designed LINUX system is free of fans and hard disk drives, allowing for silent, dependable operation in the exam room. ClearChart 2’s convenient, infrared remote control enables effortless access of all tests from virtually anywhere in the room.


LCD Chart Reichert Features & Benefits:

* Wide range of optotypes and tests
* Random sequencing
* Contrast acuity and sine-wave grating contrast sensitivity testing
* Cartoon loop with sound for pediatric fixation
* Adjustable Red/Green for compatibility with any refraction system
* Configure for direct or mirrored viewing ETDRS
* Patient education slides
* Hearing Impaired Mode
* Disparity tests
* Astigmatic testing
* Random Sequencing
* Made in the USA



Reflection sight/Measurement of cornea curvature



- Slim all-in-one design

Reflection sight/Measurement of cornea curvature



- Wide range of optotypes and line presentations

CLBS(Contact Lens Base Curve)



- Patient Education

Measurement of diameter



- Contrast Sensitivity

Auto PD Measurement



- Pediatric Animation

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