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Refurbished Tonopen XL
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Surgical Microscope Viewlight OSM-200


Characteristics of Surgical Microscope Viewlight OSM-200


· Portable, three-step magnifications
· Spring balance system in the arm ensures the microscope to move freely.
· All of the lenses are multi-coated, mildewproof and anti-reflection
· For optional  parts are applicable to ENT, DENTISTRY, LAB and SURGERY.


Eyepiece Magnification
 Working Distance
 Magnification for Main Microscope
 Diameter of Field
 Adjustable Dioptor
Adjustable Range for Pupil Distance
 Illumination Source
12V/100W,Halogen Lamp
 Illumination Type
6°+0°Coaxial Illumination
 Coaxial Illumination
Reaching Range of Arm
 Adjustable Vertical Range
 Fine Focusing Range
AC220V±10%/ 50Hz±1Hz、AC110V±10%/60Hz±1Hz
AC250 T1.25A 、AC125V T2.5A
 Safety Electrical Standard
Conform to Standard IEC 601-1.Class1Type B
 Whole Packing Volume
Carton Number
Total Weight

Surgical Microscope Viewlight OMS-200

Optional Accessories for the Surgical Microscope Viewlight OSM-200

· 1/2’’or1/4”CCD camera, CCD Adaptor, Beam Splitter and relevant Cables.
· Straight Binocular Tube, Universal Structure( for ENT).
· Five Objectives: f175mm, f250mm, f300mm, f350mm, f400mm(12.5X eyepiece)
· 10X Eyepiece.
· Desktop Parts( Holding Bracket, Column).
· Portable Package( including three canvas bags and a buggy) at customer’s option


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