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NCT Topcon CT-80

nct topcon ct-80Dual sensor system assures high-level measurement of intraocular pressure in the NCT Topcon

Dual Sensor System TOPCON Accurate Measuring System

The NCT Topcon CT-80 takes its original measurement method using two sensors; one for light and one for pressure.When the air puff applanates the cornea a light sensor detects the applanation moment, while at the same time another sensor monitors the internal chamber to obtain the intraocular pressure.

Triple Safety Function A Focus on Safety

The NCT Topcon CT-80 features an innovative triple safety function. First, an adjustable safety stopper may be set by the operator.Second, a "too close" display on the monitor guides the user in alignment. Third, an audible warning buzzer informs the operator if the cornea and the instrument are too close.

30% Faster Interval Time - Fast and Easy Measurements

The NCT Topcon CT-80 provides easier and faster operation with the aid of a new alignment bar and an improved air cylinder. The interval between measurements has been reduced by over 30%, so that patients may be examined more comfortably in a shorter period of time. Once the alignment has been completed, the resulting data are automatically measured and displayed.

Built-in Self Check Function

The NCT Topcon CT-80 lets the operator know in advance when maintenance is needed. It displays a warning message on the monitor when a lens is dirty, and also which lens it is (the measurement glass or the chamber glass).

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