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Phoropter Manual Viewlight

Manual PhoropterThis Phoropter Manual Viewlight is:

* Delicate and attractive design.
* The precision of the instrument implies a delicate managing when realize the examination of myopia and astigmatism.
* The crossed cylinder and the gyratory prism offer a wider field of vision.
* Use a special mechanism in the system of convergence.
* The range of test is wider due to the great selection of auxiliary provided lenses.
* Major precision and permanence due to the oiled bearings.
* Together with the chart projector there can be examined a wide range of visual functions (vision binocular, estereopsis, aniseiconia, etc).
* The surfaces of the lenses have high quality cover.

Level Adjustment

The adjustment of the level can be realized easily with one operation in the Phoropter Manual Viewlight.

Interpupilar Adjustment

Wide range of adjustment from 48 mm to 80 mm and easy reading scale with 1mm of graduation.

Readings adjustments of spherical power

The adjustment in the phoropter manual viewlight can be realized with facility from-19.00D to + 16.75D in steps of 0.25D steps and the dial of spherical power allows an ocular rapid examination for + 3.00D with the incidental lenses: + 0.12D and up to(even)-29.0D - +26.75D

Adjustment of the cylindrical power and Axis

The cylindrical lens graduated in steps of 0.25 D allows an adjustment from O ~-6.00 and with the incidental lens-2.00D, it is possible to extend the range of adjustment up to -8.00D.

The axis of the cylinder can adjust from 0 ? to ~ 180 in 5 steps

Crossed cylinder (+ 0.25)

The crossed cylinder, across a special mechanism totally synchronized with The knob control of the axis of the cylindrical lens, it turns in automatic form towards Corresponding axis whenever there is changed the axis of the cylindrical lens.

Gyratory prism

The readings can be taking with accuracy up to 20 ? in 1 ? graduated scale.

The automatic stop allows the measurement of the strabismus and heteroforia horizontally and vertically.

It is possible to take readings of up to 40 ? and test the balance of the eye.

Convergence System

It is possible to realize a precise measurement if places the lens in an adecuated position for an examination of near vision and if the distance is graduates.

Corneal Aligmnet Device

Across the sight, it is possible to align the corneal vertex of the patient and place the cornea of the patient in the correct position to 12 mm of the glasses.

The measurement must be realized in the position "O" of the scale

Scale of Near Point and Chart

The scale in the phoropter manual viewlight is graduated in "inches", "centimeters" and "diopters".

The chart of near point contains a giratory disc with 12 classes of tests In both sides.
The scale is of 67 cm of length


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