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Welch Allyn Retinoscopes

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The Welch Allyn Retinoscopes obtain an objective measurement of the refractive condition of a patient's eyes. The examiner uses this instrument to shine light into the patient's eye and observes the reflection (reflex) off the patient's retina. While moving the streak or spot of light across the pupil the examiner observes the relative movement of the reflex then uses a phoropter or manually places lenses over the eye to "neutralize" the reflex.

Retinoscopy is especially useful in prescribing corrective lenses for patients who are unable to undergo a subjective refraction that requires a judgement and response from the patient (such as mentally handicapped or non-verbal people). It is also used to evaluate accommodative ability of the eye and detect latent hyperopia.

This equipment works on a principle called Foucault's principle. Basically it indicates that the examiner should simulate the infinity to obtain the correct refractive power. Hence a power corresponding to the working distance is subtracted from the gross retinoscope value.

Static retinoscopy is performed when the patient has relaxed accommodative status viewing a distance target; dynamic retinoscopy is performed when the patient has active accommodation from viewing a near target.

Welch Allyn Retinoscopes

Model 18245 (streak)

The Welch Allyn Retinoscopes are designed Streak and/or Spot. The external focusing sleeve is easy to grip and easy to manipulate. It has a brighter Halogen light for true tissue color and consistent, long lasting illumination.

A crossed linear polarizing filter eliminates glare from trial lenses for easier exams. The magnetic, age appropriate targets are for dynamic retinoscopy.

One-handed operation for streak focus and 360 degree streak rotation.

A rubber brow rest prevents scratching of eyeglasses.

Interchangeable the bulb can be converted to a spot.

This model use welch allyn bulb # 08200



Model 18300 (spot)

It has an external focusing sleeve that's easy to grip and easy to manipulate.

Its brighter halogen light provides true tissue color and consistent, long-lasting illumination.

The crossed-linear polarizing filter eliminates glare from trial lenses for easier exams.

It has magnetic age-appropriate targets for dynamic retinoscopy.

The interchangeable spot of the welch allyn retinoscopes can be converted to a streak retinoscope by simply changing the lamp.

This model use welch allyn bulb # 08300



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