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Slit Lamp Marco 5 Ultra

The Slit lamp Marco Ultra Series features a modernized optical design and utilizes a multi-layered, multi-coated system which transmits light more efficiently, producing a measurable 20% increase in optical resolution and clarity.

The breakthrough optical quality of the Ultra Series also results in a 20% increase in light transmission, a 15% expanded field of view and a 14% increase in depth of field. A single look through the optics of any Ultra Series slit lamp is enough to tell you that a new age in diagnostic observation has arrived.

slit lamp marco ultra

The Slit Lamp Marco Ultra

  • Most comfortable slit lamp on the market.
  • Six-degree converging binocular tubes with Galilean parallel magnification changer head.
  • Five-step magnification range from 6.3x to 40x with the twist of a single knob and no change of eyepiece.
  • Fingertip millimeter slit-width control provides highly precise adjustment.
  • Single-handed elevation system.
  • Easy-to-reach tilt mechanism for gonioscopy.
  • Dial-in, and continuously variable aperture setting from 10mm to 0.2mm. Ideal for measuring ocular structures to 0.1mm.
  • Focusing fixation light is adjustable to each patient.
  • Halogen illumination standard.
  • Five built-in filters (two cobalt).
  • Rheostat conveniently located next to joystick.
  • Patient handrests standard.
  • Tonometer mount and Hruby lens kit optional.
  • Superb depth of field is ideal for today's technically advanced imaging systems. An available beamsplitter featuring an "in-out" prism system allows full illumination to the practitioner during observation and maximum illumination to the imaging system when in position.
  • Dual port beamsplitter also allows an assistantscope to be attached.


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