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Slit Lamp Viewlight SL-3U

Slit Lamp Viewlight SL-3.

Excellent Optical System imported from Germany, very sharp and clear images.

· The bulb and optical lens in the Slit Lamp Viewlight CSL-3U are made of glass imported from Germany.
· All the lens are multi-coated, mildewproof and anti-reflection.
· All the adaptors are universal in the Slit Lamp Viewlight CSL-3U

Optional Accessories

  • Applanation Tonometer (R type and T type),
  • Measuring Eyepiece,
  • Beam Splitter,
  • Digital Attachment,
  • CCD Adaptor,
  • CCD Camera,
  • Teaching Tube, etc.


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Slit Lamp Viewlight SL3 Slit Lamp Viewlight Sl-3 Slit Lamp Viewlight SL3

Specifications of Slit lamp Viewlight CSL-3U

Microscope Type
Parallel Stereoscope
Five-step magnifications
Eye piece
Total Magnification and Diameter of Visual Field(mm)
Adjustable Range of Pupil Distance(mm)
Adjustable Diopter
Slit Width(mm)
 0-9 adjustable
Slit Height(mm)
 1~9 adjustable
Slit Angle
Slit Inclination
Light Spot Diameter (mm)
 heat absorption , grey ,redfree , cobalt blue
Illumination Bulb
 12V / 30W halogen bulb
 AC220V±10%/60Hz±1Hz. AC110V±10%/50Hz±1Hz
Electrical Safety Standard
Conform to Standard IEC 601-1.Class1Type B
 Whole Packing Volume
 Carton Number
 Total Weight


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