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Used Phoropter Marco RT-300

Available Used Marco Phoropter Marco RT-300 (+cyl)

$2,135 with 90 days warranty

Now see what Marco has done with the RT-300....

Most of the features desired by doctors already existed on Marco refractors, but two areas for improvement became obvious:

- The accesory knob, one of the most frequently used controls, was in an awkward position. To use it, doctors had to reach in front of a patient's view. This was distracting to the patient, bothersome and inconvenient to the doctor.

- Cylinder refinement was too slow and cumbersome. Doctors were tired of asking dozens of patients a day the same, "one or two?" question.

The RT-300 turns both of theses negatives into positive features. The accesory knob is in a new, more convenient position next to the cylinder power/axis knob. And a new, optional split-image cylinder refinement makes refracting easier than ever by letting patients see both targets at the same time.

The synchronized cross cylinder is still standard if you wish to use it- and neither of the changes we have made affect the conventional lens selection procedures already familiar to you.

Along with these improvements, and not suprisingly, considering Marco's years of success in creating refractors of superior quality and durability, the RT-300 carries an attractive five-year warranty.

Marco believes you'll find the RT-300 to be everything you always wanted in a manual refractor.


$2,135 with 90 days warranty


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