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Used Phoropter Topcon VT-10

Available Used Topcon Phoropter
VT-10 (+cyl) White

$2,350 with 90 days warranty

Precision and convenience are a tradition in high quality Topcon optical instruments.

The Topcon VT-10 vision tester advances this tradition still further, making refraction quicker and easier than ever before, providing unequaled performance and exceptional versatility.

Precision in design and workmanship guarantees accuracy in refraction measurements -accuracy that won't deteriorate even after long years of use.

Total quality from Topcon means you can have total confidence in the performance you'll enjoy from the VT-10 vision tester.

Main Features:

Wide Testing Range

The testing range available with thet VT-10 is extraordinary, the standard cylinder power range extends to 6,000 in 0.25D increments. In addition, auxiliary lens sets are incorporated to fine-tune cylinder power measurements to 0.12D increments or extended cylinder power range to 8.00D. Accurate prism reading even below 0.5 are possible thanks to the 20 deg Range of the precision-geared rotary prsim loupes. The VT-10 is also available in plus or minus cylinder models.

Synchronized Cross-Cylinders

The most significant time-saving feature of VT-10 is its synchronization of cross-cylinder loupe

Easy Control & Clear Scales




used marco phoropter rt300

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