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Edger Visslo

F2 - 3D

Novelty, market-driven & innovative VISSO's 3D patternless lens edgers declare new era of lens edging.

Edger Visslo F2


Easier Operation


Specific explanations turn up at the same LCD screen and it makes operator check what’s the edging condition and problems. Also more simplified graphic menu system makes operator free from complicated text base menu operation.(1)

  • 25" inclined tracer makes operator comfortable by loading frame and get it out of the tracer more conveniently. (2)


  • Latest touch panel makes operator free from long operation fatigue than membrane switch operation.(3)


Faster Edging

Latest and new DSP (Digital Signal processor) has enabled edging speed more faster by speeding up the data calculation and translation than RISC chip.(4)


Powerfully elevated accuracy

Edging accuracy is elevated remarkably by using very latest calibration skills by offsetting mechanical tolerances (5)


Low maintenance in edger Visslo F2

  • Dual pump system This new system has enabled operator to be free from stuck water problem than solenoid valve system and succeeded to shorten maintenance time and save costs (6)
  • Edging is going on by switching the edging position of wheels in turns at every edgings so it could prevent the same side abrasion of wheels and the life of wheels are extended tremendously (7)
  • Operator may check present edging conditions and problems more conveniently as front cover is open
    because sliding cover and front cover is seperate. It may be able to avoid trouble and useless time to open the machine.(8)

Enlarged data memory

  • The capacity of edging data memory are enlarged to 120 addresses by 20% (9)


Edging system Patternless by built-in tracer  
Auto Computer counted bevel 3:7/4:6/5:5
Controlled Manual bevel setting from MENU  
Flat Rimless edging  
Auto Computer counted groove positioning 3:7/4:6/5:5
Controlled Manual grooving setting  
Polishing Flat / Bevel Polishing  
Chamfering Front , Rear, Both  
Edging lens
Sort of materials
Glass,Plastic,Hi-index Plastic,Polycarbonate
Acrylic Resin,Trivex lens
Lens size Less than 90 mm (diameter)  
Layout range Less than 110 mm (diameter)  
Edging size    
Flat edging More than 17 mm (diameter)  
Beveling More than 19 mm (diameter)  
Edging wheel    
PL/PC Rough Diameter 100mm/Width 17.5 mm  
GL Rough Diameter 100mm/Width 17.5 mm  
Bevel/Flat Diameter 100mm/Width 17.5 mm  
Polishing Diameter 100mm/Width 17.5 mm  
Chamfering Diameter 26mm  
Grooving Diameter 20mm  
Water supply
Pump circulation or Direct connection to tap water  
Monitor 8.4 inch color LCD  
Interface RSC 232C 2 ports  
Size of equipment 800(W)x440(D)x415(H)  
Weight 50Kg  
Power supply AC 110V/220V,50/60Hz  
Power consumption Maximum 1.2KVA during edging  

Price for Edger Visslo F2

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