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Santinelli Nidek LE 9000SX


Nidek 7070 The Santinelli Nidek LE 9000SX

Santinelli International's LE-9000SX Express Edger contains all the exceptional features of the LE-9000 with the highest speed and accuracy available in the series.

The Santinelli Nidek LE 9000SX Express is an all-in-one edger, giving operators the option to manually over-ride automatic settings to enter safety beveling and grooving specifications. The on-board tracer digitizes an unprecedented 32,000 points of reference per frame side. The right and left sides of the frame are independently measured, eliminating the need to retouch lenses.

* Multi-tasking for highest efficiency
* High-Speed, direct drive motor for faster edging
* Fully automated safety beveling, grooving and edge polishing
* Enhanced memory storage saves time.
* Processes all lens materials including glass, CR-39, polycarbonate, Trivex and high index.
* Extremely easy to learn and use!

The Santinelli Nidek LE 9000SX Express has the smallest footprint on the market and features state-of-the-art RISC micro-processor technology. This Express model features a high-speed drive motor for faster lens processing and greater bevel control.


Edging Modes:

* Auto: Computer Calculated Bevel
* Guided: Manual Bevel settings

*Auto: Computer calculated groove position and curve
*Guided: Manual input of groove and curve

Lens Materials for Santinelli Nidek LE 9000SX:
* Glass, High Index, Polycarbonate, and CR-39

Lens Size:90 mm max.

Layout Range: 110mm max.

Grinding Size:
*Flat Edging: 18mm min.
*Beveling: 19mm min.

Water Supply System:
*Recirculating tank and pump or Direct Water hookup.

Power Supply: 115V, 60Hz

Dimensions: 20.5"W X 19.1"D X 13"H

Weight: 92.6 lbs.

Standard Accessories included

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